Evaluation & Assesments


  •   The Internal Assessment for every subject is 25 Marks each and that is divided under following criteria:

                                                Written Exam                           :               15 Marks

Attendance                               :               5 Marks

Assignment                              :               5 Marks


  •    Attendance: The marking for attendance shall be allotted on the following basis:-

                                                                91-100% Attendance           :               5 Marks

81% - 90%                             :               4 Marks

                                                                71% - 80%                             :               3 Marks

                                                                61% - 70%                             :               2 Marks

                                                                51% - 60%                             :               1 Marks

                                                                Below 51%                            :               0 Marks

                   To retain better marking for Attendance, the students must follow following practices:-

The student must fill the Student Leave Application Form for every leave taken by him/her, which is to be signed by and submitted to their respective faculty. In case, the leave is more than 7 days, it is also to be signed by Center Head.

-         In case, students fill such leave form, then they wouldn’t be treated as absent in the calculation of their internal assessment.

-       In case of ill health, the student is given flexibility to fill the leave form on the very next day of his/her presence, otherwise he will be marked absent for that day.

-        The students must keep in touch with their faculty for knowing the count of their total lectures.


  •  Assignment: The student must submit their well-prepared assignment for every subject to their respective faculty. The assignments must be submitted by the time as informed by the faculty otherwise they wouldn’t be entertained.


  •  Above all, the student’s behavior with the staff members, conduct in the class, participation in events are certain key factors, which will play a major role in the internal marking of the students.


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